The world of nutrition can be a daunting place. With so much information floating around, it can be pretty difficult to find the right nutrition plan for yourself and your goals. This is where a Nutrition Coach enters the picture. If you are not familiar with Nutrition Coaching, click here to find out more about what it is.

In this post, I’ll aim to provide you with 3 situations where you might benefit from engaging the help of a Nutrition Coach and how to get in touch with one.

A Nutrition coach will help you uncover truth behind 'Healthy' eating.
A Nutrition coach will help you uncover the truth behind ‘Healthy’ eating.

A familiar situation?

Every way you look, you’re bombarded with all sorts of conflicting information on which diet is best. Paleo, keto, Atkins, whole30, zone; the names are never ending, as is the confusion that follows.

You have probably tried some or even all of the diets I just listed, probably with a rollercoaster of weight fluctuations that would leave the stock market looking like a flat line by comparison. It is frustrating. Nutrition should not be that hard right?

After all, you know what you should eat. You know that you should eat more fruits and vegetables, and that you should probably cut down on your bubble tea and mid afternoon biscuit snacks. Yet despite this foundation of nutrition knowledge, you just cannot seem to hit your weight, fitness and health goals. Where exactly are you going wrong? How can a Nutrition Coach help? Here are a couple of situations where it might be worth considering getting some professional help in the form of a Nutrition Coach.

You’ve tried tons of diet and nothing seems to work

There are hundred of fitness, diet and health fads that promise overnight results. Detox teas that promise to ‘cleanse’ your body, keto diets espousing the dangers of ‘spiking your insulin levels’, lists that showcase the top 10 ‘belly fat burning’ foods you MUST eat; it is easy to get sucked up in all of this without a clear and proper understanding of nutritional basics and how the body works.

You could try everything and hope that through trial and error, you manage to figure out what works for you, or you could just work with a Nutrition Coach and leverage on their expertise and experience to navigate the research and figure out the best plan for your particular situation.

Everyone’s lifestyle is different and learning how to customize your nutritional habits to your own daily routines is the first step to getting your health back on track, and making your way towards your goals.

You have a shaky level of commitment to previous diets

With your previous attempts at diets, you were probably convinced that you were committed to seeing your diets through. At least, that was the case till you had to attend a social function and had to have a small slice of cake at your friend’s birthday, or go out for some drinks with your overseas friends who are only in town for the weekend.

The main issue for this was that you had nothing to lose. You could start a diet, and if it didn’t work out, you could always start another one. You had gotten into a comfortable pattern of starting diets, but never seeing them through. After all, everything is fun and games till the initial shine wears off and the reality of the diet starts to sink in.

Working with a coach commits you to the process like never before. Aside from the financial investment you will be making, you will also be creating a very powerful tool for success: a sense of accountability. Research has shown that creating a strong sense of accountability in the pursuit of a goal greatly increases the chances of lasting success.

With a coach guiding you and checking in with you throughout the week, you are now accountable to someone that you respect (after all you chose them as you mentor), and you will more likely want to check in with good news rather than bad. This will make you more motivated and committed to the plan, making the changes necessary to help you move towards your goals.

You’re not sure what to eat when out

Many of the various diets out in the market vary in their recommendations on what foods to eat and which to avoid. The trouble is, when you are looking at all the various options, it can get overwhelming very quickly as you are not sure what foods to choose when eating out. This is especially so in our local context, as hawker food is easily the most available and economical options for the busy professional.

A Nutrition Coach will help you figure out what is right for your body, and customize a nutrition plan that revolves around your available options. Meal preparation is not always the answer as it is dependent on your own schedule and logistics, so knowing what to grab in a pinch is extremely vital to staying on your plan. This is where the experience and expertise of your coach will help equip you with these invaluable skills, making sure you will never be confused again when eating out.

You find the diets are restrictive and inflexible

Statistically, 80% of the people who lose weight gain most of it back and more within the year after. This is a saddening reality of many ‘diets’ and is what separates theory and knowledge from actual real world application.

Most fad diets generally have some specific guidelines that you should follow. The problem with this is that it merely teaches you tactics to help get the weight off, but does not focus on the long term maintenance of the weight-loss. Unless you get lucky and the diet just so happens to gel well with your general personality, chances are you will start to feel extremely restricted.

A good Nutrition Coach will not prescribe a ‘diet’ or give you an inflexible plan that is set in stone. The main point of Nutrition Coaching is to set you up for long term success. In fact, what we do is focus on the formation of healthy habits that empower you with the knowledge and skills to consistently balance your health and enjoyment of food without the feeling of guilt for those occasional indulgences.

It is only when you have the foundation and skill that you will be able to maintain and move towards your goals. You will never again worry about having to attend that party or your friend’s birthday dinner, because you will know exactly what adjustments you will need to make to still stay on track with your plan. Once you know how to confidently balance food and fun, you will start to experience better energy levels throughout your daily life.

After all, dieting is, by definition, a temporary process. You just need to do it right once, with the right guidance, and then enjoy balancing food and life without having to consistently worry about overeating.

Do you need a Nutrition Coach?

A good Nutrition Coach is invaluable. With the right coach, you will have the right information and tools, giving you the confidence to not only be successful in 12 weeks, but for the long run. While it is unavoidable that you will need to do the leg work and execute the plan (no one can actually eat or exercise for you!), having a coach in your corner can shorten the learning curve, and keep you continually motivated to achieve more.

How do you start? Try thinking first about what your goal is, and why you want to achieve it. Once you have done that, contact a Nutrition Coach for and get ready to set yourself up for years of success!

If you need help with figuring out your goal, set up an appointment with us for a FREE 20 minute nutrition strategy call, where we will help you figure out what your goal is and how you can get started achieving it! Simply click here and leave your details and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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