Good nutrition is one of the cornerstones to good health, yet it seems that this is a hot topic of debate in the health and wellness community today. With the growth of the internet and the tons of conflicting information on the subject, it is not difficult to see why this is so.

In fact, most people seem to be confused about what makes up good nutrition. Many of our clients often come to us lost and confused as to what they need to do to make sure they are eating right for their bodies. As a result, they end up in a bad cycle of eating bland food that does nothing but further encourage the cravings in them.

Conflicting Information

Truthfully, this is something I can relate to. When I was just getting into fitness, I was always struggling with which diet I needed to take as I needed to reduce my weight for a competition. I tried all sorts of fad diets – traditional low-fat bodybuilding diets, ketogenic style diets, paleo diet – the list went on and on.

These conflicting styles of dieting all made me feel very restricted, and left me desperate to jump onto the next shiny new diet that would promise me the solution to good health while helping me achieve my fitness goals. This constant chase was incredibly annoying and most of the time, it was a huge mental drain trying to stick to what I thought was ‘good nutrition’. I had days where I gave in to my cravings, ending up feeling really terrible and guilty after the fact.

The Truth

The truth is, good nutrition should have you feeling good. In fact, the World Health Organisation defines good nutrition as an adequate, well balanced diet that improves mental and physical health. In fact, one of the biggest issues I’ve found with clients is that they often mistake the temporary comfort they get from eating high fat & high sugar foods with “feeling good”. Unfortunately, this temporary comfort is often short-lived, and the negative feelings often return quickly after it wears off.

What we actually mean by feeling good from good nutrition, is that your diet supports you by giving you good clarity of mind, high energy levels and assist with your physical performance and recovery. Broadly speaking, what you eat should make your ability to tackle life better, not leave you with more problems.

Conscious Eating

The truth is, there is no one solution fits all approach. However, there is the concept of conscious eating, from which you can then use to guide your own personal nutrition strategy. This is because different people have different goals and varying personalities. As such, the wide range of diets are merely just different tools to employ to help you stay on track towards your goals. The really sustainable approach is to understand how various foods affect your body in the quantities that they do.

At Elevate 360 Nutrition, we help clients achieve conscious eating. With this understanding, you will never need to rely on any fad diets as you will know what works. Some people can function better on high protein and low carb diets, while others do well on high fat moderate protein diets. Some people prefer 3 big meals a day, while others prefer 5 to 6 small moderate meals. Taking the time to find out where you fall on the spectrum will help you a lot in clearing up all of the misconceptions you might have with diets.

Get Started Today

Here’s a simple action plan you can use to get started.

  1. Start logging down what you eat. We’ve provided a handy Log Sheet for you here. Simply download, print out and start recording!
  2. Aside from just recording what you ate, record notes on your mental state and physical effects from those meals. For example, if you had a chocolate bar at night because you felt stressed out, you could record that down in the notes.
  3. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART. At the end of a week, take a look through your diet log and make notes of recurring themes (eg. you often snacked when you are stressed, you find that you often have a big drop in energy every time you have a heavy lunch, etc).
  4. Once you are aware of common themes, you can then start making changes to combat them.

Awareness is the first step to good nutrition. Once you know why you are eating the way you are and how it is making you feel, then you can start to make the necessary changes.

Try it today and let us know in the comments how you personally adhere to good nutrition in your own life!

If you have any questions regarding getting started, do not hesitate to ask us here.

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