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Some of Our Success Stories

We love helping you discover how to lose weight and keep it off so that you can start living without the weight holding you back. These are some of the success stories.

9kg of weight loss

10 weeks

15% of body fat loss

12 weeks

Placed 2nd in Nationals 

12 weeks

What Our Clients Have to Say

Coach Twain would not only tell me what I needed to do, but give detailed explanations that allowed me to better understand what I was doing. This made all the difference as I understood the process better and was motivated constantly. All the tricks and tips he showed me with my meal preparation saved me so much time.



Coach Twain managed to help me with lifestyle changes, constantly tracking my progress by maintaining constant contact with me. By working on portion control methods, I was able to lose 9kg in 10 weeks, all while barely feeling like I had to make huge sacrifices in my food choices.

Zach Tan


Coach Twain would often advise me on the adjustments to make so that I could fit in my social, work and family obligations without going off plan. This helped tremendously as it never made me feel like I was having to make huge sacrifices. The practical sessions were also invaluable in helping me understand how to save a lot of time when doing my meal preparation.



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